New BFI Mediatheque to open at Bridgeton Library

I was thrilled to learn recently that the first BFI Mediatheque in Scotland will open at the new Bridgeton Library in Glasgow on the 22nd of February. The Mediatheque is a fantastic resource which provides free access to a massive collection of film and television footage and the one opening at Bridgeton Library will be themed around Scottish life and culture. Rather appropriately, the new Bridgeton Library is in the Olympia Theatre building which was once a music hall and later a cinema.

The Mediatheque opens during the Glasgow Film Festival and there will be opportunities to meet the BFI Mediatheque curator on opening day. More information on the opening day events can be found here. If you’re a Glasgow resident or happen to be in the city I highly recommend making the trip to Bridgeton to check out this fantastic new resource.